What are the reasons for the high loss of plasma cutting machine?

The problem that troubles our customers a lot is that after using the numerical control plasma cutting machine or some of our other cutting equipment, we always think that one plate can solve the production problem, but we always use two or more pieces, so that the consumption of materials is always more than expected or planned. So hereby we are going to share the specific reasons for the high loss of plasma cutting machine.

1) When our customers use the CNC plasma cutting machine for a long time, the automatic cutting function may be lost due to long-term use, so the plasma cutting machine will consume a large amount of materials in the process of use. If you lose this function, you can contact our after-sales personnel to help you debug it. You don't need to wait for supplies.
2) some customers often don't follow the rules and always want to challenge the authority. For example, when our plasma cutting machine is cutting metal materials, the thickness of metal materials generally should not exceed 10mm, Because generally, if the metal material exceeds about 10mn, it will cost more nozzles, and there may be no consequence if it is used twice, but if it is used for a long time beyond the standard, the nozzles will be damaged more frequently, and the cutting effect will also be affected. Therefore, when purchasing or using a machine, we must be clear about our needs, read the product manual carefully, and contact our after-sales personnel in time in case of unclear problems.

3) In addition, if we use the CNC cutting machine to cut holes at ordinary times, the general edge arc cutting may take a lot of effort, and the probability of loss of raw materials will be greater. Therefore, when you use the CNC cutting machine to operate this type of metal materials, you must be careful. Otherwise, it will be one of the reasons for the loss of raw materials when you use the CNC cutting machine to operate.

4) Use of counterfeit parts and vulnerable parts: Many customers feel that the price of original vulnerable parts is too much, and there are many cheap substitutes available on the market, so they are excited to purchase and use them with the attitude of trying, but they have jumped into a trap at this time, which is that these counterfeit vulnerable parts may be harming your machine step by step without your knowing it, They are also proud that these substitutes can replace the original ones. But the original authentic product is * * * matched with your machine, and it is produced through constant experiments by scientists. How can it be satisfied by any substitute manufacturer outside?
5) Another reason is that the current intensity of the power supply is turned on too high during the cutting process of the cutting nozzle, which may cause the cutting nozzle to cut the components too much.
6)  Repair and maintenance of the machine: If you look at the machine as a person, it is easy to understand that people need to rest, and they also need to go to the hospital when they are sick. So the machine is the same. We don't need to let it work 24 hours a day. We need to check every once in a while to see if there is any problem. Only if we can find the problem in time, can we not take the machine that has problems to work, so that excessive consumption of raw materials.
7) Sometimes, if the numerical control system of the numerical control plasma cutting machine is unstable, this kind of situation can also occur. Because the internal CPU and hard disk of the numerical control system may be used for a long time and cause heat, the operating system will be unstable and cannot work normally, or the fan will be used for a long time and cause wear, or the hard disk will vibrate or be damaged by viruses, causing production stagnation, this kind of defect will occur, Or lead to cutting errors, delay cutting production, or lead to excessive consumption of raw materials.